The Endowment

On the occasion of Prof. Thomas Kailath's 70th Birthday, a group of his former students and associates joined to honor his influence and contributions by endowing a fund that will support an annual lecture at Stanford University in mathematical engineering as well as colloquia, workshops and other research-enhancing activities. Following the example of his remarkably wide-ranging career, the aim is to foster greater awareness of the power of the mathematics-based disciplines of information theory, communications, computation, control and signal processing to address challenging problems in engineering and, increasingly, the physical, biological and social sciences.

If you wish to contribute to these efforts, download this pdf file to send a donation by check or credit card.

Past Donors

Vwani and Mary Roychowdhury
Yao-Ting Wang and Ying-Chih Chang
Juan and Ken Ahonen-Jover
Arogyaswami and Nirmala Paulraj
Paul, Priya and Ryan Kailath
John and Elizabeth Kailath
George Verghese and Ann Kailath
Fang-Cheng Chang
Jim Omura
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
John and Assia Cioffi
Abbas and Suzanne El Gamal
Debajyoti and Rupa Pal
Sailesh and Jaine Rao
Atul Sharan
Clearshape Technologies, Inc.
Joohwan and Eunmi Chun
Joice DeBolt
Boaz and Aliza Porat
S.Y. Kung